FSSAI Registration ( FSSAI LICENCE )

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a legal authority that offers a food licence to all food business operators (FBO) in India. All the FBOs must follow all the rules and regulations of FSSAI for food quality control.
An FBO requires a FSSAI Licence or Registration, and it all depends upon certain factors like the size of production, managing nature of food business activities, and range of operations. In the FSSAI Registration process, the FBO will get a 14-digit number that needs to be printed on food packages.
FSSAI Registration ensures the security of food products, and it is essentially a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. 

Types of FSSAI Licence

Businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for a food licence which can be of different types based on turnover, the scale of business, and the type of activity. The Types of FSSAI Food licences are as follows:

FSSAI Basic Registration
The FSSAI registration is for food business operators (FBOs) who have small-sized businesses or start-ups. They have an annual turnover of less than Rs.12 lakh. Basic registration can be upgraded depends on your business sales graph productivity.

FSSAI State licence
The State FSSAI Licence is for the FBOs which have medium-size business. They have an annual turnover of more than Rs.12 Lakhs or up to Rs.20 crores. The state licence can be further upgraded to a central licence, all depends on your business sale graph productivity.

FSSAI Central licence
The Central FSSAI Licence is applicable for FBOs which have a large business annual turnover, i.e. above Rs.20 crores. It is also required in cases where you need to supply to the government offices or import/export food products.

Who Should Obtain FSSAI Registration?

The individuals or entities that are eligible for an FSSAI Registration or License include:

  • Every type of Food Manufacturer.

  • Food Packaging unit or Storage unit.

  • Wholesaling or Trading or Online Food Business Operator.

  • Caters, Hotel or Raw material supplier.

  • Exporter and Importer of food products.

  • Transporter as well as Distributors.

  • Retailers of Food Product.

Who Should Obtain FSSAI Registration?

For getting an FSSAI Registration, the documents required are:

  • Photo Identity of FBO.

  • Pan card of FBO.

  • Supporting Documents (if any):- NOC through Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC.

  • Declaration relating to the Business details in Form A.

  • Proof of possession of business premises.

  • Incorporation Certificate / Deed of Partnership / Articles of Association etc.

For getting an FSSAI State and Central License, the documents required are:

  • Form-B Duly completed as well assigned.

  • Blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit (Manufacturing and processing unit only).

  • List of Directors / Partners / Proprietor / Executive Members with contact details as well as photo ID (Corporations only).

  • Details of the machinery to be used for operations (Manufacturing and processing unit only).

  • List of Food categories towards being manufactured (Manufacturing unit only).

  • Authority letter from the manufacturer for the nominated individual with authority.

  • Analysis report of water to be used in the manufacturing of food products (For Manufacturing and processing units).

  • Proof of possession of buildings.

  • Partnership Deed/Affidavit of Proprietorship/MOA /Incorporation.

  • Copy of certificate acquired under the Coop Act (Co-operatives only).

  • NOC and Copy of License from the manufacturer (For labelers and repackers only).

  • Food Safety Management System plan as well as Recall Plan (If applicable).

  • Source of milk and meat (If applicable).

  • NOCs from Municipality or local body.

  • Certificate provided through the Ministry of Tourism (HRACC). (Mandatory for Hotel Only).

  • Form IX.